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The Brief and Interesting History of the Liberty Dollar Coin

Even though the term "liberty" has been applied to many coins throughout minting history, most collectors think of the liberty dollar coin and its intriguing past when they he (MORE)

How Appraisers Determine Coin Values

The purpose of a coin appraisal or coin grading is to determine the value of the coin. There are variables that impact the value of each coin, including wear and tear, mint ma (MORE)

Finding the Fair-market Values of Rare U.S. Coins

Throughout the history of the United States, there have been many different denominations of coins, and each denomination has had several different designs. For example, there (MORE)

Finding the Accurate Value of a Rare US Coin

Suppose you are digging around in your grandfather's attic and you find a jar of pennies that doesn't have that shield on the back or even the Lincoln Memorial. Instead, you s (MORE)