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Coin Collecting

State Quarters

Valuable Minting Errors: Defective State Quarters

Due to short minting cycles, stamping out millions of unique coins every 10 weeks, there are many state quarter errors in circulation. A few of these errors are readily apparent without needing to look very hard, while others require a patient and trained eye. Read through the following list of some of the most common errors to see if the change in your pocket is worth more than face value....(more)

Important Facts About the Arizona State Quarter

As the 48th state to ratify the United States Constitution, Arizona was also the 48th state to have its state quarter struck, in 2008, just ahead of Alaska. The Arizona state quarter, like the others in the series, was created as a result of complex consultations between the Treasury and Arizona state government, to ensure the coins met federal standards yet expressed the state's uniqueness in a way pleasing to its inhabitants. This lengthy back and forth produced a coin that includes several of the state's most unique features. The coins were produced in ordinary, proof, and silver proof variations, the latter two being aimed squarely at coin collectors....(more)

Collectible State Quarters That Feature Minting Errors

In 1997, the United States government enacted the 50 State Quarters program. This program was designed to release a series of coins over a 10-year period. Quarters representing each of the 50 states were released between 1999 and 2008. Each quarter included a unique, state-based design on the reverse side of the quarter. During this process, a few error coins made their way into circulation. These types of coins are often valuable because they are so rare. Many lists exist which document the different errors. This list highlights some of the most well-known errors....(more)

Coin Collecting 101: State Quarters Checklist

Get more involved in coin collecting just by sorting through your pocket change. Collect all 50 of the state quarters with very little knowledge and preparation. Review this state quarters checklist to find out how to focus and grow your collection....(more)

Buying and Selling

Online Resources for Buying and Selling Coins

If you enjoy coin collecting, you are not alone. Thousands of people throughout the United States call this their hobby. Coin collecting has become so popular, various places have helped to make buying and selling this collectable money easier to do. What?s more, with the growth of the Internet, there are now several online sites where you can deal in these treasures and add to your collection....(more)

Where to Buy and Sell Coins Online

The Internet has become history's largest marketplace in terms of reach and variety. Buying and selling occurs every second of the day. Many times, parties involved in these transactions never meet outside of cyberspace. Given the popularity of coin collecting, it isn't surprising to discover how easy it is to find sources to buy and sell coins online. Here are five sites to help you get started....(more)

Where Do Collectors of Old Coins Begin?

For many people who want to begin a coin collection, it is the oldest coins that are the most attractive. Collectors of old coins begin their collection because of an attraction to the historical period that they are focusing on. For some old coin collectors, it is a case of aiming for a series that is no longer in circulation. Knowing where to begin as an old coin collector is useful when you are new to collecting coins....(more)


How to Determine the Values of Silver Dollar Coins

Collecting silver dollars is one of the most common numismatic pastimes. There are hundreds of variations of these American one-dollar coins, some which are quite common, and others that are so rare that they regularly fetch $10,000 or more each. Most collectors focus on the Morgan Silver dollars produced from 1878 until 1921 but there are several other styles that are highly collectable. The silver dollars coin values depend on two things, the rarity of the coin and its condition. This primer should help you determine the value of any silver dollar that you come across....(more)

Top Investment Coins

Coin collecting is a hobby shared by numerous people. While there are many who collect just for fun, others collect for other purposes. Some people collect gold coins as a backup in case the economy falls and gold becomes the legal tender for purchases. A lot of people collect coins as an investment. The following is a small list of the best coins for investment....(more)

Online Value Guides for Wheat Cent Coins

Wheat cent values can depend on age, condition, errors and more. Research your wheat cent values at these reliable, convenient and helpful sites....(more)

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