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Coin Collecting

Mint Collections

What to Look For When Determining Values for your U.S. Mint Coin Set

For many coin collectors, collecting coins is more than just a hobby. Oftentimes, coin collectors are seeking out those coins that they think are quite valuable and that may be worth even more in the future. If you are interested in coin collecting, you certainly want to know more about how to determine the value of a coin....(more)

'First-Strike' Was a Misleading Label for Coins

First-strike coins have been a controversial subject since their release in 2005. There are varying definitions and some coin collectors even deny that first-strike coins exist. Many coin collectors felt that the coin industry, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in particular, merely applies labels like these in order to increase coins' market value. In response to the backlash against first-strike designation, the NGC in 2012 put out a label called "first releases" for certain coins that arrived at the depository within 30 days of issue, which eliminates the "first-strike" label from their registry....(more)

Using Coin Slabs

The preservation of a collection is precious to any hobbyist or enthusiast. That is where containers like coin slabs come in handy. They can help to keep your hoard in mint condition. But what also helps is if you understand a variety of ways to maintain your archive....(more)

Five Most Collectible Coins in the World

As one of the most common and affordable hobbies in the world, coin collecting is something that can be enjoyed by anybody. While a collection could be started from as little as a cent, some mint collections amass values that can reach into millions of dollars. As some series of coins are rare, they attract high bids from coin collectors. The most collectible coins in the world come from a variety of countries. Here are five of the best....(more)


Sell Your Steel Pennies: Online Markets for Coin Collectors

Steel pennies, or steelies, were only officially minted in 1943, but some were accidentally made in 1944 also. They are very popular among coin collectors and can be very valuable. If you want to sell your steel pennies, try these online markets for coin collectors....(more)

Determining the Value of a Wheat Penny Based on Type and Condition

Wheat pennies bearing the image of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse and two wheat wreaths on the reverse of the coin were first minted in 1909 to celebrate the 100th birthday of America's 16th president. By 1958, the wheat was replaced with the Lincoln Memorial. Nevertheless, these pennies are a popular collector's item, and if you have any in your possession, there are several steps you take to determine the value of a wheat penny....(more)

Key Dates in the Production of Lincoln Wheat Pennies

For most coins, there exists a few dates and varieties that are extremely difficult to find. These key-date coins bring in a premium, and wheat pennies are no exception. Here's a list of wheat penny key dates and estimated values of each coin....(more)

Memorial Coins

What Are Obama Coins?

When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, there were many emotions surrounding his inauguration. Many opportunists tried to capitalize on these emotions. One way this was done was through the production and selling of unofficial Obama coins. If you have heard about or seen these countless amounts of coins, you are probably wondering what they are and if they are official....(more)

St Gauden's Double-Eagle Coin: What's It Worth?

The St. Gaudens double-eagle coin is a gold coin produced by the U.S. Mint in the first half of the 20th century. It is highly valued by contemporary coin collectors for its beauty and historic value. Find out more about the St. Gaudens double eagle and its value with this article....(more)

What is the 1993 James Madison Commemorative Coin?

The 1993 commemorative coin to honor James Madison is part of a long line of presidential memorial coins. Many commemorate specific anniversaries of significant moments in the history of the United States. While this coin does not specifically commemorate a moment in time, it does honor the former president and the Bill of Rights. One version of it has increased in value over the years because of the low amount that were minted, making it a collector's item....(more)

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